Salary of a Warehouse Forklift Driver

Warehouse forklift drivers, likewise called modern truck operators, operate forklifts to move heavy materials around a warehouse. They might move pallets of incoming items onto space racks or carry materials out of stock onto the processing line for manufacturing get together. Forklift drivers control and straight heavy forklifts in occupied indoor work dominions. In light of the probability of genuine harm and property harm, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration necessities for forklift drivers incorporate a minimum operator age of 18 and legitimate training with certification to operate forklifts.

Warehouse Forklift Driver Salaries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average yearly wage for warehouse forklift drivers starting May 2010 was $30,800. States with the most astounding livelihood levels of forklift drivers incorporate California, Texas, Georgia, Illinois and Ohio. The District of Columbia is incorporated with the top paying states for forklift drivers –Hawaii, North Dakota, Alaska and Washington –with normal twelve-month wages between $37,000 and very nearly $40,000.


Executives don’t need school education for forklift drivers, however a secondary school education is more and more inclined toward. OSHA needs forklift drivers to be no less than 18 years old and have the correct certified safety and operation training. Forklift drivers profit from identified warehouse experience for example transport operator, truck loader or stock control.

Work Environment

Forklift drivers work in warehouses; space, fabricating material, perishable and identified vendor wholesale commercial enterprises; and general cargo trucking commercial enterprises. They work around features and materials in boxes, containers and pallets that are archived on modern racking. The most normal work surface in warehouses is cement ground surface, and safety boots and work dress are the normal work clothing. Numerous businesses need forklift drivers to wear safety caps and safety vests with bright yellow or orange stripes to enhance perceivability and awareness of the moving forklift vehicle.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job standpoint for forklift drivers between 2010 and 2020 is great. Jobs are imagined to develop by 12 percent in warehouses, with a going hand in hand with requirement for representatives who are agreeable with rising warehouse innovation for example hand-held scanners, robots and rapid-transports.

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