OSHA Requirements for Propane Fork Lifts

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates all forklifts, which it calls “controlled streamlined trucks,” as per its site. Particular regulations exist for propane-fueled forklifts and in addition the fuel-evaluation propane it employments.

Gas Mixtures

Propane, or “liquified petroleum gas,” is one exclusive of the potential petroleum repercussions utilized within a propane forklift. OSHA moreover permits propylene, butane or butylenes to be utilized without any outside help or be jumbled with propane.


Of the 11 OSHA classifications for forklifts, two are for melted petroleum gas vehicles: the Type LP and the Type LPS. They contrast in that the LP meets the minimum safety standards for securing the fuel supply from blaze or electrical risk, while the LPS surpasses the aforementioned minimum standards.

LPS vs. LP

In territories with effortlessly ignitable filaments, unsafe fluids or compartments with layered gases, LPS controlled modern trucks must be utilized as a substitute for LP trucks.


Condensed petroleum gas must be odorized- –aside from in scenarios where it might be unsafe or can’t be refined- –to serve as a cautioning executor if there should be an occurrence of forklift holes.

Holder Valves

Valves, fittings and different frill straightforwardly connected to propane holders utilized with forklifts can’t be made of throws press.

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